Bio-Extreme™ High Temperature Oven Lubricants are unique biobased food grade1 lubricants fortified with synthetic food grade white graphite (note).  This synthetic white graphite will lubricate at extreme high temperatures up to and over 1000°C with intermittent lubrication up to 2000°C and will provide a clean lubricating solid film (off-white to white) after the base oils cleanly dissipates. These (Biopreferredsm,) products are free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and provide an auto ignition temperature (ASTM D-659) of over 371°C.  In addition, the products provide improved extreme pressure and lubricity after black graphite, Teflon, and molybdenum disulfide lose their lubrication between 400°C and 500°C.


-Roller chains on oven conveyors

-Lithographic chains, beverage can lines

-Tenter frames in textile plants

-Kiln car wheel bearing/refractory plants

-Paint lines, drying ovens

-Sealed for life units

-Kiln support rollers, cement plants

-Bakery oven chains

-Automatic lubrication systems

-Many others 

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Bio-Extreme High Temp. Oven/Chain Lubricant ISO 150 (1 gallon jug)

  • $52.34