• Bio-Booster™ Soy-Based Cetane Improver (1 quart bottle)

  Bio-Booster™ is a soy-based cetane improver that is completely soluble in fuels and increases diesel fuel ignitability, which is beneficial in many critical conditions. Bio-Booster can be used to meet and exceed major OEM cetane performance standards and is EPA registered as an approved cetane additive. (EPA registration #214820003 per 40 CFR 70.23)

  Compatible with most commonly used diesel fuel additives and will not detract from fuel stability, lubricity, water tolerance, or corrosion protection. Blend Bio-Booster in terminal tanks, underground tanks, or directly into vehicle fuel tanks. Many cost effective benefits will be achieved when Bio-Booster is utilized in your fuels. Bio-Booster Cetane Improver is recommended at 1 gallon per 250 to 500 gallons of diesel fuel. Average of fuels tested indicated that 1 gallon per 250 gallons of fuel raises cetane numbers by 5 points.

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Bio-Booster™ Soy-Based Cetane Improver (1 quart bottle)

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