• Bio-HVO2 Hydraulic Fluid ISO 46 (1 gallon jug)

Bio-HVO2™ Hydraulic Fluids are ultimately biodegradable vegetable based formulas that meet and exceed Vickers M-2950- S, Vickers 1-286-5, U.S. Steel 126, U.S. Steel 127, and U.S. Steel 136. They have been USDA Biobased tested to show new carbon (vegetable oil) at >96% for ISO 46 & 68, and >93% for ISO 32, and they are Specially formulated to offer the lowest toxicity in aquatic conditions. They are an excellent choice for inner plant applications (ie. Steel Mills) as fire resistant (FR) hydraulic fluids and they provide exceptional oxidation stability (RPVOT avg. 235 minutes) exceeding US Steel minimum requirement of 120 minutes. Although they have a pour point of -25°C and -30°C, care must be taken if used in hydraulic systems setting static below -10°C for extended periods.

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Bio-HVO2 Hydraulic Fluid ISO 46 (1 gallon jug)

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