The Bio-Acid Fume Rust Preventative Fluid is a Bio-Corrosion Inhibitor™ (BCI™) product that provides a corrosion inhibiting, waxy film that is especially effective in protecting ferrous metals in salt and acid fume (hydrochloric acid) environments and against high humidity. It is non-staining and water displacing and is also effective on galvanized steel. In addition to corrosion protection, this product is a non-chlorinated metal working fluid that provides extreme pressure, anti-wear, and lubricity performance in heavy duty stamping and drawing applications. This is an excellent BCI™ product that can be used in many industrial and commercial applications where corrosion inhibiting, waxy films are beneficial.  

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Bio-Acid Fume 32 Rust Preventative Fluid (5 gallon pail)

  • $104.19