• Bio-Mist EP cutting oil ISO 32 (1 gallon jug)

A heavy duty, ultimately biodegradable, vegetable based, mist EP cutting oil which provides excellent performance  where misting is needed in a wide variety of machining operations on non-ferrous metals, tough ferrous alloys as well as mild steel and cast iron.  These operations include: milling, drilling, turning, grinding, broaching, and thread cutting and tapping.  Bio-Mist™ EP Cutting Oil does not contain active sulfur, chlorine, zinc, phosphorus, silicon, or heavy metals, and does not produce an abrasive odor and is non-staining.  In addition, this oil is particularly useful for machining stainless and hard steel, such as Hastalloy and tool steels.

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Bio-Mist EP cutting oil ISO 32 (1 gallon jug)

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