Management Profiles

William W. Garmier, Vice President, and CEO of Renewable Lubricants, is a successful entrepreneur with 40 years experience in many areas of the lubricant industry.  As the founder and co-founder of two closely held corporations, he has been directly involved in every aspect of the business.  As a lubricant design engineer, his strongest asset is his broad application knowledge that includes years of formulating ability to develop and improve performance in the field.  In his early petroleum lubricant business he developed and marketed highly concentrated extreme pressure anti-wear additives, and fully formulated specialty petroleum and synthetic lubricants for heavy industry and transportation.  He also utilized this technology to design high performance mineral and vegetable based (biobased) lubricants for many national and world motor sports champions.  Today Mr. Garmier’s formulations are sold internationally and marketed by major companies.

In 1991, Mr. Garmier began research on lubrication utilizing vegetable oils from high oleic plants.  As a result of his efforts, Mr. Garmier is the first to run vegetable motor oil of this type successfully in an internal combustion engine.  In July 1993, he received Product of the Year Award, published in Lubricants World Magazine, for his first generation sunflower motor oil formula tested in an Oldsmobile 3800 engine.

Mr. Garmier is the inventor and co-owner of over 50 US and international issued patents on biobased lubricant technology. His knowledge in the vegetable lubricant technology and business has brought over four million dollars in contracts and in-kind contributions to RLI from the Department of Defense, Department of Agriculture, United Soybean Board, Dow AgroSciences and others. RLI’s project has been the largest known R&D program in vegetable (Bio-based) lubrication with over ten million dollars invested in the development of RLI’s products. His work with Dow AgroSciences involved working directly with Mark Henderson (Global Product Development Manager) and consultant David Smith (Awarded for Mobil 1 Development) in developing a business and marketing structure for Dow AgroSciences’ high oleic vegetable base oils into RLI’s lubricant technology.

Recent work includes working with government contractor CTC, Southwest Research Institute, and U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center (TARDEC) developing a new fire resistant hydraulic fluid for the M1 Tanks, Northrop Grumman Navy Advance Delivery System hydraulic fluid for the submersibles, and special hydraulic fluid for BMW Oracle Americas Cup Racing Ships.

In addition, Mr. Garmier has coordinated Research and Development with Chevron Phillips Chemical, Battelle Institute and Lubrizol.  He has worked as technical coordinator for AB Axel Christiernsson (one of the largest grease manufacturers in Europe) in designing specialized grease for the roll strip mill at U.S. Steel. As a Vietnam veteran, his military service includes crew chief on the C-141 Starlifter and supported the tracking equipment for the first moon landing, Apollo 11 (July 20th, 1969).

Mr. Garmier has authored and/or co-authored publications through the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), American Oil Chemist’s Society (AOCS), Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE), USB Lubricants & Fluids Technical Advisory Panel, and has presented lubrication seminars for many industrial companies.

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Jeffry D. Schloneger, General Manager Finances.

Mr. Schloneger provides over 20 years of management and accounting experience to Renewable Lubricants.  As Plant and Quality Assurance Mgr at Renewable Lubricants, he is involved in every aspect of the business. Mr. Schloneger manages a variety of production responsibilities which includes purchasing materials, inventory control, scheduling manufacturing, product pricing, invoicing, and helping to implement RLI’s quality management system. He provides backup support for customer service and sales, product selection for orders, and is efficient in 49 CFR –DOT and Hazardous Goods shipping.

His managing experience and ability to lead others on the RLI team is the main driving force beyond RLI being one of only 11 honored suppliers that received an A rating from the W.W. Grainger Corporation. RLI has maintained this rating for over six years. He has also been involved with creating yearly budgets and compensations and incentive plans for employees. 

Jeff came to RLI in 2005 with his B.A. in accounting and business administration from Malone College graduating with honors. Before coming to RLI, he spent eleven years working for Paul Miller Building and Design, a remodeling company rated as one of the top fifty in the United States. Seven of these years, Mr. Schloneger was manager/supervisor of Top Advantage, a division of Paul Miller Building and Design. In addition, Mr. Schloneger has spent nine years volunteering his time as treasurer of the Shepherds Gate Child Care Center as well as treasurer of his church.

Meet the President

Jacqueline L. Garmier, President, and CFO of Renewable Lubricants, Inc., is also known as a successful entrepreneur with over 35 years experience in business, and owns the majority shares in Renewable Lubricants, Inc.  


For the past twenty years, Mrs. Garmier has been heavily involved as the Chief Financial Officer for RLI, where she worked directly under contract with the United Soybean Board, Dow AgroSciences, Battelle Institute, the Department of Defense, the Department of Agriculture, and the Ohio Soybean Council.  During this time, she managed and accounted for over four million dollars in grants and in-kind contributions.  Mrs. Garmier coordinated project administration with these organizations and companies, building firewalls between each project, while managing several accounts.  RLI’s program has been identified in the industry as the largest known Bio-based lubricant program with over ten million dollars invested in the development of RLI products.  Her management skills have kept RLI relatively debt free while building assets.  

Together, Mr. and Mrs. Garmier wrote the proposals leading to grants and negotiated contracts and working agreements, protecting RLI’s ownership to the technology.  Mrs. Garmier helped to develop relationships with Concurrent Technology Corporation (CTC), one of the largest government contractors that initiated the testing program between RLI, SwRI, and TARDEC.  Mrs. Garmier is the director of Safety Health Environment and Quality control management systems for RLI.  Her business skills have supported the family farm, Garmier Farms, LTD, and her husband’s early petroleum business where she has managed both businesses with six figure yearly budgets.  In addition to supporting her husband’s research, she assisted in developing and structuring the business and marketing plans for RLI. Her knowledge includes every aspect of the lubricant business. Jacqueline has also volunteered her time as treasurer for her Church and is the only woman chosen for the Greater Akron (Ohio) Chamber Entrepreneurship Committee.