Terry Dyson Oil Analysis

Overview and Custom Design

Since 1993 these unique, first of their kind, High Performance Biobased Motor Oils have proven exceptional performance in the racing world, and they are the lubricants of choice for top performing world and national champions.  These high performance racing oils have exceeded the performance of conventional petroleum based products and have shown performance equal to and better than synthetic formulas.  Excellent performance has also been experienced from the heavy loads (3000 HP @ >9000 RPM) of IHRA Seven Time World Champion alcohol fueled dragster to the high-temperature, long-term endurance, championship, road racing.


These specially formulated racing oils have been designed and tested to run in extreme conditions that would be expected with the motor sport, high performance engines.  Most of these formulations can be tweaked to improve performance in a specific type of motor design.  When tweaking the formula, Renewable Lubricants, Inc. (RLI) considers the application, loads, RPM’s, fuel type, and motor tolerances, etc.