Turfgrass Toxicological Test


The RLI Turfgrass Toxicological Test is a toxicological test designed by RLI to mimic both a half gallon and a one gallon spill of hydraulic fluid on a 25 square foot grassy area.  This test compares the toxicity of biobased formulations with petroleum formulation on creeping bentgrass (golf course greens) in small 36 sq. in test plots under controlled growth conditions.

The front four test plots showing the burnt bentgrass are the result of petroleum hydraulic spills.  The petroleum oils in these plots burned the grass within 24 hours.  The remaining plots are spills of RLI's biobased hydraulic formulations, pure vegetable oil, and blank test controls.  There was no noticeable difference in plant health between equal spill volumes of RLI's biobased hydraulic formulations and pure vegetable oil.

Bill Garmier in the lab.jpg