• Bio-Penetrating Lubricant (BPL) FOOD GRADE (11oz aerosol can)

A specially formulated, biodegradable biobased penetrant that can be used as a light lubricant in food processing equipment and is essentially odorless and tasteless.  Because of the super high viscosity index of the Stabilized* HOBS, this product performs in many applications.  BPL™’s patented composition of additives and base fluids provides a protective, thin film lubricant.  This natural oily film has shown in laboratory and field tests to out perform petroleum base oils in terms of natural lubricity. 

 Bio-Penetrating Lubricant Food Grade is formulated to penetrate into close tolerant areas, then lubricate, and prevent corrosion. Bio-Penetrating Lubricant’s ability to creep is demonstrated by placing a 3/8” x 2” bolt on its head with ¼” of Bio-Penetrating Lubricant in the bottom of a lab beaker; Bio-Penetrating Lubricant creeps vertically up the threads.  It protects deep into the core of a cable or chain link and is excellent as a light air tool lubricant and preservative oil for parts.  This Biobased product has exceptional benefits over petroleum oils in these applications because there is direct danger of polluting the water, soil, or work environment through loss of the lubricant.  Bio-Penetrating Lubricant contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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Bio-Penetrating Lubricant (BPL) FOOD GRADE (11oz aerosol can)

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