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Despite its Industrial Design, RLI FG Cleaner can also be used in Homes and Garages.

There are a lot of environmentally friendly cleaners on the market that do not work well. In particular, if you are looking for a concentrated product that works in factories and on heavy equipment. Often, grease and dirt build up and need to be cut through with a powerful cleaner. A highly concentrated water-based cleaner, RLI Food Grade Cleaner can be applied straight or diluted with water. Beware of being fooled by the name "Food Grade" into believing these products are not industrial. Cleaning and removing baked-on carbon from food manufacturing ovens can be challenging. This product is extremely popular for cleaning oven chains and other grease-caked surfaces. Although it was designed for industrial applications, RLI FG Cleaner can also be used in the home and around the garage. Here are a few ways I have used RLI Food Grade Cleaner around my house. Place an order today and give a few of these a try.

A small greenhouse is on my property for the cut flower business my wife runs. While it can be challenging, I always pre-spray with RLI cleaner mixed 50/50 with water. After a quick scrub, the walls are clean, but I've found that most of the work is done by the cleaner.

I love old tractors, and I consider cleaning them a crucial part of equipment maintenance. Our collection of tractors includes everything from the latest models to antiques. Pre-spraying the engine before washing is always a wise idea. Farm tractors are notoriously dirty, but this works well on any engine.

Have you got dirty windows? A dilution of 1 part RLI FG Cleaner to 10 parts water makes an ideal industrial window cleaner.

When it comes to grill cleaning, I use the "Lazy Man's Grill Cleaner". Prepare your grill by spraying it with RLI FG Cleaner. Put it on high for 20 minutes and presto! It all turns to ash. All that's left to do is let the grill cool and then hose down the inside. It's fast and easy.