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Food Grade

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Environmentally friendly products have a reputation of poor performance. This can make changing over from petroleum products a difficult decision. Renewable Lubricants products are patented technology with over 25 years in the market. From the factory to the race track, Renewable Lubricants has proven performance that makes the change easy and worry free.

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Many food grade applications require environmentally friendly lubricants. Agriculture, Fishing and water utility departments are great examples but fines for environmental spills occur everywhere. Renewable Lubricants offers the only full line of Environmentally friendly food grade products that are EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP) compliant.

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Food Grade


Most food grade lubricants are made from a combination of petroleum products. These petroleum food grade products do not offer an option for MOSH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbon) Free and are not the safest option. Renewable Lubricants offers petroleum free options that are safer for employees and customers.

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    Traditional Food Grade lubricants are not sustainable. Food Manufacturers and Farmers are not given the opportunity to support their own industry through bio-based food grade lubricants until now. RLI can help you meet your sustainability goals.

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    • We won our 7th World Championship totally lubricated with Renewable Lubricants.
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      Mark Thomas World Nationals Drag Race at Norwalk Speedway
    • Renewable Lubricants has helped open new business for Howell Oil and enhanced our petroleum sales.
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      Jared Howell Business Development Manager, Howell Oil Company

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