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Bio Parts Cleaner Degreaser

Bio-Parts Cleaner/Degreaser (FG)


This product is also offered in 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes, 330 gallon totes, and bulk tankers. Please contact us for a quote.

A specially formulated, ultimately biodegradable Soy Cleaner/Degreaser that is a safe improvement over petroleum solvents for cleaning parts and equipment in food processing plants. This safe, nonflammable biobased product contains no hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (no VOCs according to CARB).

These all-purpose biobased products remove oily grimy dirt on used parts for maintenance and repairs and are excellent for cleaning engines, transmissions, differentials, electric motors, and machinery parts before rebuilding. Exceptional for cleaning road grime, pine sap, and tar on equipment. They are ultimate biodegradable and provide a safer direct replacements for mineral spirits and Stoddard solvents (excellent electrical insulating value @ 47kV), and have been formulated with anti-oxidants for improved stability. EPA, OSHA, Workers Acceptance is high with Biobased Products (Biobased is fully processed synthetic soy-solvent for allergen free food grade cleaners/degreasers). Contains no animal byproducts and are manufactured under kosher supervision.

Applications for: –Food Manufacturing –Military –Industrial –Transportation –Marine –Agricultural –Mining –Provides Safe Non-flammable Cleaning of Equipment including: Jacks, Bearings, Bolts, Linkage Cables, Dies, Wire Ropes, Chains, Cables, Tracks, Slides, Shafts, Assembly Parts, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Firearms, Air Tools, Machine Tools, Unfinished Metal Surfaces, etc.

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