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Easily accomplish Sustainability Goals and reduce your non-renewable Carbon Footprint

Customers often ask me, "How is this product bio-based?" or "What are bio-based synthetic base oils?" Especially when we talk about high-performance engine oils.

Are you aware that plant-based synthetic base oils are available today? Compared to petroleum synthetic products such as Mobil 1, these plant-based synthetics are direct replacements. They are readily available throughout the market with zero performance loss over petroleum synthetics. Cold temperature performance and motor oil compatibility make them excellent choices.

The motor oil market is still dominated by petroleum. The Petrotechnology industry has been around for over 100 years and is well-established on the market, so customers trust the products. It has taken major oil companies a long time to switch to bio-based synthetics because they diminish the sales of petroleum-based oils. After all, petroleum companies are in the petroleum business. What is the point of encouraging customers to use something other than petroleum?

We are beginning to see a shift toward sustainable products in the marketplace. Consumers and businesses alike are looking for ways to reduce their "carbon footprints". These customers can easily accomplish their sustainability goals and reduce their non-renewable carbon footprint by using bio-based lubricants. Lubricants that are environmentally friendly are developing rapidly, and even major oil companies are getting involved. Petroleum companies who for decades have called Renewable Lubricants "snake oil salesmen" or "voodoo oil" are now developing products very similar to those Renewable Lubricants patented over 25 years ago.

In the future, bio-based lubricants will continue to grow because this is what customers need. Over the next few decades, terms like "bio-based synthetic" will become more common. With the development of electric cars, petroleum sales are expected to decrease. It is expected that bio-based synthetics will replace petroleum synthetics in 25 years and continue to grow. There is a lot of excitement about the technology available today, and it will only improve over time.