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From Lubricants to Longevity: Your Guide to Superior Machinery Maintenance

Unlocking the Power of Lubricant Management: Beyond Quality Lubricants

Effective machinery operation isn't solely about using top-notch lubricants – it's about embracing a comprehensive approach to lubricant management that extends equipment life and optimizes performance. At Renewable Lubricants Inc. (RLI), we recognize that this strategy goes far beyond the lubricants themselves; it encompasses a range of practices that collectively contribute to a smoothly operating system.

1. Fluid Monitoring and Maintenance

The cornerstone of a robust maintenance plan is the scheduled Universal Oil Analysis (UOA) Program. Regular monitoring of fluids in use ensures early detection of potential issues, reducing the risk of costly breakdowns. Complementing this, adherence to OEM-standard maintenance procedures, such as scheduled filter inspections and oil changes, safeguards against contamination and keeps your system in peak condition.

2. The "To Flush or Not to Flush" Dilemma

When transitioning to new hydraulic fluid, the question arises: should you flush the system? The answer lies in understanding the historical maintenance and fluid condition. This critical decision demands insight from past maintenance records, UOA records, or a fresh UOA on the existing fluid. Blind guesswork can lead to long-term complications and expenses. Scheduled UOAs, as the foundation of predictive maintenance, streamline the changeover, extend system and fluid lifespan, predict issues, and generate savings.

3. Storing Lubricants Safely

Proper storage is fundamental to preserving lubricant quality. RLI recommends adhering to stringent storage conditions – sealing containers tightly and storing them indoors in well-ventilated, contaminant-free environments. Adhering to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) guidelines after container use is essential to prevent potential risks. Outdoor storage should be avoided, and general maintenance practices must be followed.

4. Air Matters Too: Breather Caps and Desiccant Breathers

Remember, your machinery breathes. Apart from clean lubricants, it's crucial to manage the air that enters and exits your system. This is particularly significant for equipment operating outdoors or in challenging environments. Equipment facing temperature extremes, moisture, dust, or saltwater exposure demands extra care. Preventing the intrusion of dirt and moisture is vital to staving off corrosion, wear, and other damaging effects.

5. Desiccant Breather Tips for Optimal Lubrication Management

Achieving optimal lubrication management requires paying attention to the finer details of your desiccant breathers. Here are valuable tips to enhance their effectiveness:

1. Right Sizing: Match desiccant breather airflow to your system's needs.

2. Consider Operating Environment: Tailor breathers for different settings.

3. Oil Mist Prevention: Safeguard against oil mist contamination.

4. Know Reservoir Capacity: Factor in reservoir capacity for efficient performance.

5. Check Valve Benefits: Extend breather life with check valves.

6. Filtration Matters: Prioritize effective filtration for longevity.

7. Vacuum Gauge Usage: Rely on vacuum gauges for timely replacements.

8. Cleaning Preparation: Use wash-down caps for easy maintenance.

9. Cover All Openings: Don't overlook vulnerable points in your system.

10. Reusability: Follow manufacturer instructions for reusing desiccant.

Extending Equipment Life Through Proper Lubrication Management

By adhering to these desiccant breather tips, you're ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your machinery for years to come. If you're unsure how to implement these strategies or need guidance on your lubrication management approach, don't hesitate to reach out to RLI.

We're dedicated to helping you make the most of your lubrication management program. Contact us today to elevate your machinery's performance and ensure a seamless operation that stands the test of time.