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How to Bake Bread at 2000°C

High Temp Oven lubricants are essential for maintaining the proper functioning of food ovens. These lubricants are specifically designed with solid partial lubricants to withstand the high temperatures and harsh conditions that are common in food processing environments. The solid particle lubricants, like boron nitrite, provide a thin layer of mechanical lubrication which preforms far beyond the temperature of typical base oils. Once the carrier oil burns off, a layer of boron nitrite will lubricate up to and over temperatures of 1000°C. These solid particle lubricants help prevent the buildup of hard carbon deposits on the chain. Eliminating carbon deposit buildup extends the life of the chain and keeps equipment clean and efficient.

High Temperature Ovens are subject to a lot of wear and tear, and without proper lubrication, the moving parts can become damaged or worn out quickly. Another important benefit of using high temperature lubricants in food ovens is that they can help to improve the efficiency of the equipment. Proper lubrication can help to reduce friction and wear on moving parts, which can in turn improve the performance and longevity of the oven. Always remember, a properly lubricated oven chain allows ovens to operate more efficiently and improve food quality.

Bio-Extreme HT Oven Lubricants are ideal for roller chains on oven conveyors, bakery oven chains, beverage can lines, and other high temperature chain applications and they are NSF H1 Food Grade and Kosher. In addition, the products provide improved extreme pressure and lubricity after black graphite, Teflon, and molybdenum disulfide lose their lubrication between 400°C and 500°C. This synthetic boron nitrite, will lubricate at extreme high temperatures up to and over 1000°C with intermittent lubrication up to 2000°C and will provide a cleaner lubricating solid film (off-white to white) after the base oils cleanly dissipates. The products are formulated in different viscosities to provide proper penetration and then lubricate with the solid film into links, pins and rollers of different size chains.