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All Food Grade Products are Kosher!

Renewable Lubricants is proud to announce that all of our food grade products are Kosher certified. In May 2019, Rabbi Finegold from Buckeye Kosher™ which is operated by the Columbus Vaad Ho’ir, came in to do an inspection and testing of our food grade products, our manufacturing process and storing process for this specific line of products. The qualities one must have in their products in order to be kosher certified is that the products you manufacture and the ways in which you manufacture them must not contain any traces of animal product or byproduct. This certification is something that is no easy task to accomplish. We have worked with the board and Rabbi Finegold to ensure there is complete transparency with regards to our process. We take pride in being able to add ourselves to the growing list of kosher certified manufacturers across the world. Here at RLI we strive to produce the most environmental and green products on the market.

This certification is one that has been highly requested by many of our customers and distributors. RLI has seen an increase in demand for kosher certified products as that has been the trend in the food processing industry. US Sugar and many of our other agricultural manufacturing customers have reached out to us about this issue. Many consumers that are purchasing food products are looking for something that is kosher due to health, food safety, and other dietary restrictions. This new trend pushes those in the food processing industry to make sure that not only the products they are manufacturing but the materials they are using to manufacture them are all kosher certified. Below is our official kosher certification, which includes a complete list of all RLI products that are certified. Should you have any other questions please direct them to info@renewablelube.com or give us a call at 330-877-9982. We would be glad to answer your questions.