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Bio-SynXtra™ E.P. Gear Oil


This product is also offered in 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes, 330 gallon totes, and bulk tankers. Please contact us for a quote.

Bio-SynXtra™ EP Gear Oils are designed to meet and exceeds the U.S. Steel 224, AGMA 9005/250.04, DIN 51517, Part 3, David Brown DB S1.53.101, and Cincinnati Machine E.P. performance requirements. Bio-SynXtra EP Gear Oils are recommended for lubricating spur, helical, bevel, and worm gear configurations which are subject to heavy loading or shock loading and are designed for heavy-duty applications. Bio-SynXtra gear oils provide enhanced thermal and oxidation stability for extended life.

The formulas have combined energy conserving Stabilized HOBS technology with synthetic base stocks and mild E.P./antiwear additives. The result is an ultimate biodegradable product which has the long life heat stability but which additionally offers the protection advantages of increased gear life through extremely high film strength during operating temperatures. Bio-SynXtra EP Gear Oils are ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE lubricants that are formulated from renewable agricultural plant resources. We believe Earth’s environmental future rests in the use of renewable material.

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