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Bio-SynXtra Super Food Grade Compressor Fluid


This product is also offered in 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes, 330 gallon totes, and bulk tankers. Please contact us for a quote.

Bio-SynXtra™ Super FG Compressor Fluids are Ultimate Biodegradable, bio-synthetic compressor lubricants that contain ingredients, which are “Generally Regarded as Safe” (GRAS) for food possessing equipment. These multi-application Food Grade lubricants are formulated with biobased synthetic esters to improve oxidation stability, lubricity, and anti-wear (AW) performance for longer service life in many different types of industrial equipment. They provide excellent anti-corrosion, anti-foam, and demulsibility properties. They are highly inhibited against moisture and pass both A and B Sequences of the ASTMD-665 Turbine Oil Rust Test. Their multipurpose performance helps in reducing inventory and lowering cost. Contains no animal byproducts and are manufactured under kosher supervision.

Compressors and Vacuum Pumps: Bio-SynXtra™ Super FG Compressor Fluids provide superior lubricating qualities for most compressors, especially portable and stationary rotary compressors (screw and sliding vane) as well as in single-stage, two-stage, and multistage reciprocating compressors (water-cooled and air-cooled), centrifugal compressors, and vacuum pumps. While specific manufacturer recommendations vary, the ISO 32, 46 and 68 grades are most commonly used for rotary compressors, while higher viscosity grades are preferred for reciprocating units (meets and exceeds DIN51506 VDL requirements).

Hydraulic& Gear: Bio-SynXtra™ Super FG Compressor Fluids have a zinc-free additive system that meets Food Grade H1 and AW hydraulic requirements. They have shown exceptional anti-wear performance in ASTM D-4172 Four Ball Wear Test and they are recommended for use in vane, piston, and gear-type hydraulic pumps. The anti-wear performance meets and exceeds the requirements for Denison HF-O, Vickers M-2950-S (35VQ-25) and I-286-S (V-104C), Rexroth, US Steel 126, 136, and 127, DIN 51524 Part 2 and 3, and because they are zinc-free, they can be used in reduction units where original equipment manufacturers (OEM) require an R&O lubricant (i.e. AFNOR NFE 48-600 HL, DIN 51524 Part 1, and Denison HF-1 fluids). They also meet the requirements for ashless GL-1, GL-2, GL-3, DIN 51517 Part 3, and AGMA Mild EP gear oils for bearings, reduction units, and gear sets. (Use a Viscosity Sufficient for OEM Application).

Multi-Applications: Hydraulic systems, EP Turbine oils, gear drives, gearhead motors, drip oilers, air-oilers, air-tools, water pumps, bearings, machine oil, roller chains, cables, light circulating oil, etc., and general lubrication.

Elastomer Compatibility: Bio-SynXtra™ Super FG Compressor Fluids are recommended for use with fluorocarbon (Viton), fluorosilicone, polysulfide, Teflon, Hydrogenated NBR (HNBR), and high nitrile Buna-N (>30%) elastomers. Bio-SynXtra™ FG Compressor Fluids are not recommended for use where neoprene, polyacrylate, polyethylene, natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR, Buna S) or low Buna-N seals are used.

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