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Bio-Rotary Racing Premix: Unmatched Performance for Rotary Engines

The ultimate solution for rotary engines. Specifically designed to address major concerns in the rotary community, this premix ensures proper lubrication, combats carbon buildup, and is compatible with any fuel type. It offers protection against corrosion, includes a fuel conditioner, and stands out as the only sustainable, carbon-negative (green) premix for high-performance rotary engines. Experience the performance and environmental advantages of Bio-Rotary Racing Premix for your high-performance rotary engine.

Proven Benefits:

⇒ Longer trouble-free engine life
⇒ Lowers emissions, burns clean, and improves fuel economy
⇒ Best-in-class apex seal lubrication
⇒ No exhaust smell
⇒ Reduces and cleans carbon deposits
⇒ Lubricates entire rotor and housing
⇒ Sustainable, carbon-negative formulation
⇒ Keeps spark plugs clean, increasing plug life
⇒ Compatible with ALL fuel types (Gasoline, Ethanol Blends, and Methanol)

Bio-SynXtra™ Gear Lubricants

The environmentally responsible choice for heavy transmissions, differentials, and transfer cases. The bio-based formula, incorporating Stabilized HOBS technology and synthetic base stocks, ensures a high viscosity index, fuel savings performance, and inherent biodegradability. This product offers extended gear life, excellent low-temperature performance, and compatibility with hydrocarbon and synthetic PAO based gear oils.

With enhanced additive technology above GL-5, this bio-based formula provides exceptional EP protection, high film strength, and fuel savings. It is environmentally responsible, biodegradable, and compatible with various gear oils. Choose Bio-SynXtra™ for a sustainable and high-performance gear lubrication solution.

Bio-SynXtra™ Super High Performance (SHP) HD Plus Racing Oils

The ultimate choice for high-performance turbocharged and supercharged competition engines. Formulated with Stabilized High Oleic Base Stocks (HOBS) for unmatched viscosity stability, these oils excel under high-stress conditions, providing energy-conserving properties, thermal stability, and shear resistance. Since 1993, Bio-Super High Performance Racing Oils have been the preferred lubricants for top world and national champions, outperforming both conventional and synthetic alternatives. The patented additive technology ensures superior wear protection, high-temperature stability, oil pressure maintenance, and protection against sludge and varnish. Ideal for extreme motor sport conditions, these oils offer extended engine life, making them the trusted choice for champions worldwide.

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