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The Primary Cause of Petroleum Product Release is Culpable

Most home owners are surprised to learn how much petroleum products are discharged on their property. During a conversation with a local farmer, he gestured to his field and said, "I use a master pack (48 tubes) of grease every year on my equipment. Where does it end up? Out there. It flows onto my soil and into my fields.”

As well as dripping from grease fittings onto his field, penetrants and other lubricants are coming off chains and cables. Oils for chainsaw bars and chains are largely petroleum-based and can contain heavy metals. The majority of small farms, golf courses, parks, recreational areas, and marinas use these products every year. They spill gallons of petroleum oil every year, often on their own property or on public lands.

Renewable Lubricants have direct replacements for all total loss lubricants. These products perform as well as their petroleum counterparts but do not contain petroleum or heavy metals. In all parts of the world, petroleum products should not be discharged unnecessarily.